Tarmal Oil mills and Soap Factory stall at the Tanganyika exhibition in 1929.

Minister of Industry and Trade Mr. Jeremiah Kasambala (centre) with Mr. Gulam Hussein Bharmal (left) and Mr. Fazal Bharmal (right) at the soap factory 1965.

The packing team at the premises on Bridge Street, Dar es Salaam.

Bharmal Building, built in 1923 in Zanzibar, housed the company for many years.


The origins of the company date back to 1909 when it was established under the name of Bharmal Oil Mills on the Island of Zanzibar. We have always been active in the manufacturing of soap and detergents. Later the company relocated to Dar es Salaam on the mainland and in 1965 the company became known as Tarmal Industries. In 1975 we set up SAIL (Soap And Allied Industries) as a second entity to incorporate and expand the production capacity of our soap division.

The company has been owned and managed by the Bharmal family for four generations, and we have always promoted the values of reliability, delivering quality and respect for the environment. We have always been at the forefront of the industry in Tanzania, using the most modern equipment, and always keep focused on the needs of local customers while remaining global in our management and using international technology.

The specialized production methods allow for a very flexible approach and product diversity including bespoke hotel packaging, contract manufacturing for third parties, or bulk supplies of our liquid products. We are able to deliver within the Dar es Salaam region and through our distributors throughout Tanzania to a wide range of customers (wholesalers, supermarkets, hotels, cleaning companies and corporate customers). The company also supplies made-to-order soaps and sanitizers for various international humanitarian organizations. Today, our companies are Tanzania’s leading producer and supplier of cleaning detergents, soaps for multiple purposes, and hygiene products.

We value customer satisfaction as very important for every type of customer. We are very proud that our products contribute to improved health and hygiene, especially in rural areas and lower income households in Tanzania.


  • Deliver high quality and consistent cleaning products
  • Use environmental friendly products
  • Offer noble jobs with reasonable wages
  • Concentrate our resources on maintaining standards
  • Make you an extremely satisfied customer