How to Clean windows and mirrors

How to Clean windows and mirrors

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Clean stubborn stains. Outside windows are especially prone to stubborn stains because they are exposed to hard water runoff, minerals, bird droppings, and elements that can cake on dirt and grime.

1.Spray your Jet Window Cleaner on to the window or Mirror surface

Spray your Jet window cleaner solution with the sprayer bottle all over the intended surface.

2. Clean with a sponge

You may have some tuff to remove spots that are stuck on your windows and Mirrors. A light scrub with a sponge will do the trick to release the grime and spots.

3. Wipe

Wipe all the dirt and grime from the windows with a dry cloth or old news papers.

4.Spray again

Pick your Jet Window Cleaner Sprayer
Spray your surface one more last time.

5. Wipe

Wipe windows or Mirrors to dry. Use a dry cloth  or old news papers.



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  • Khalid
    08/10/2018, 11:55 am Reply

    Jet window cleaner has been my go to product for all my home windows . I even add jet window cleaner in my car washer fluid bottle. Great product.

    • Tarmal Industries Ltd
      Khalid 08/10/2018, 12:12 pm Reply

      Thank you Mr.Khalid for your positive added tip for Jet window cleaner.

  • Teppo
    08/10/2018, 5:07 pm Reply

    Window Cleaner is a good product